Paradigm Brewing creates unique experiences and exciting memories for our guests with a blend of traditional brewing practices, new brewing innovations and mouth-watering food – all delivered in a fun, laid back and family-oriented setting. We produce finely crafted ales and lagers, all while focusing on quality ingredients, best brewing techniques, and ultimately, the finest product quality.

Core Series

Core Series or core lineup – these beers are part of our core brews that we are offering to the market. Whether you’re at the Paradigm Brewery or in your local grocery store or market, ask for one of these core brews by name. And then, simply enjoy!


Featuring Vienna malt and German hops, Unforgotten delivers a smooth, drinkable experience. But the real story behind this brew is our heroes – first responders, police and our military. We honor their efforts and sacrifices to keep us safe and a portion of the proceeds from every beer goes to help support them. Enjoy the drinkability of this premium craft beer and know you are helping make a difference.
4.5% ALC. BY VOL.


Inspired by old school American IPAs, this brew offers a clean and classic light malt flavor that highlights the star of the show, the hops. Distinct American hops pop the citrus, fruit and pine notes that make this classic IPA a beer that you simply can’t resist. Precision is not just the name, it’s the key. Using only the best ingredients, crafted through innovative techniques and technologies, this beer hits the mark every time.
7.0% ALC. BY VOL.


A classic German pilsner from our brewmaster who is a professor of brewery operations & management at a major Texas university. Packed with honey and floral malt notes, this beer delivers classic hop notes in every sip. There is a special drinkability that comes from the long-aging and lagering process that makes this beer melt in your mouth. Class is in session.
5.5% ALC. BY VOL.


Brewed with the finest malted barley and white wheat from America’s heartlands, this beer provides a light and pillowy mouthfeel with classic fruity and banana aromas. Central to the unique flavor are the best ingredients, coupled with proven brewing techniques, leaving your heart with nothing to desire.
5.0% ALC. BY VOL.


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