Paradigm Brewing creates unique experiences and exciting memories for our guests with a blend of traditional brewing practices, new brewing innovations and mouth-watering food – all delivered in a fun, laid back and family-oriented setting. We produce finely crafted ales and lagers, all while focusing on quality ingredients, best brewing techniques, and ultimately, the finest product quality.

Experienced Team

The founders and owners of Paradigm Brewing have considerable experience in the craft beer industry, and more importantly, each owner compliments the other’s skill sets. Whether it is brewing, sales and marketing, or distribution, the owners offer deep industry experience – enabling our local team to deliver quality beverages to consumers. This is especially key when it comes to brewing because you’re only as good as your latest brew. Not only is our lead brewmaster an expert in his field, but he brews some of the best beers in Texas. Around here, he is affectionately known as Professor Pils.

Start at the Start

It all starts with the finest sourced ingredients. We know where to go in the world to obtain the finest malts, hops and other ingredients to create each unique and specific flavor we are producing. Whether it is part of our core line or shift series, you can rest assured that we’ve sourced the finest ingredients to produce each variety. We will never skimp on ingredients or diminish our quality brews. Exceptional ingredients, exceptional results – with no exception.

A Thank You from the Founders

We know that the craft brewing industry is extremely competitive and you have a lot of choices when it comes to your beer. We sincerely thank you for buying Paradigm beer, for visiting Paradigm Brewing Company and for checking out our website. We hope you’ll come back and visit us soon.

Hope You’re HUNGRY

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School’s In – PARADIGM U

Howdy! Did you know that our Brewmaster gives educational brewery tours? Class is always in session at Paradigm Brewery.

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