Want to know more about the art of brewing and what’s involved in being a brewmaster? Good news! There is no transcript, SAT or ACT score required to sign up for Paradigm University. Our brewmaster will conduct guided tours of the brewery and provide insights into the science and techniques behind brewing. Tours are scheduled Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1:00PM and 5:00PM and last approximately 25 minutes. Ask your server how you can book some time with Professor Pils. Class is in session!

Brewery Tours

Fridays: 1pm / 3pm / 5pm
Saturdays: 1pm / 3pm
Sundays: 1pm / 3pm


Deep Dive Education – (Coming Soon)

Ever want to know more about the art of beer making and brewing? Well then our deep dive is for you. Following are some of the highlights of the Paradigm Deep Dive Education Experience:

  • Once a month, two-hour class. 
  • Second Saturday of the month starting soon – check back for more details.
    • 11am class time
  • $10 per person charged at time of signup
    • Comes with a free beer, pre-determined flight, and education
    • Hop rub
    • Deep dive
  • 5 Month long class, month 6 brew day.
    • Must have attended prior classes
    • Brew beer with brew master
    • Private party with friends from class
    • Free first beer and appetizers



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